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DHL Mechanical - Boiler Expert 39 Calling Horse Estates, Calgary, AB T3Z 1H4 (403) 863-8246 Heating contractor in Alberta DHL Mechanical, based in Calgary, AB, accurately diagnoses and resolves a broad spectrum of hydronic heating problems. Since 1996, our comprehensive services include plumbing, heating, and HVAC for both commercial and residential clients in various locations. Our experienced technicians ensure durable, correctly executed work. For detailed information and appointments, contact us at (403) 863-8264. Boilers are key to effective home heating, using fuel combustion or electricity to generate warmth and hot water. These systems are indispensable for reliable, even heat distribution, creating a comfortable environment and providing hot water for daily activities. Choosing and installing a boiler requires evaluating the home's heating needs for peak efficiency, with professionals typically handling installation to ensure safety and optimal functionality. Regular maintenance by experts is crucial to maintain performance and extend the boiler's lifespan, involving inspections, cleaning, and repairs to ensure consistent heating and hot water.

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